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The label of bisexual women has been challenged in the past years. Compared with gay men, they are not willing to disclose their identity. Why is this? Because in patriarchal society of last decades, the status of women is inferior, lesbian and bisexual women will be regarded as the object of demonization, it is a challenge to patriarchalism. However, with the development of society, the advantages of this patriarchal society have gradually diminished, and now it has reached a social system of equality, freedom, openness and tolerance for all people. In such a national policy, we find that same-sex cohabitation is higher than that of the opposite sex, which is due to the improvement of bisexual and homosexual identity.

The acceptance of the LGBT community by the society is also a great step forward compared to the history. The current free love relationship is more advanced than that of the United States. For bisexual women, we can choose the traditional way of love or the same-sex marriage, because now The legalization of same-sex marriage in many developed countries makes us no longer worried about the stability of our relationship. In the pressure society of the past, we continue to be attacked. We can't stand such a blow, both in words and in behavior. In such a society, we will lose the human rights we should have. Under strong political pressure, we have endured a lot. Many people set up to resist gay or bisexual groups. These radical acts make people feel powerless. Such a society is frustrating.

In today's society, although the legalization and recognition of same-sex marriage is relieved for many LGBTs, many people in heterosexuality and homosexuality do not agree or understand the behavior of bisexual women. In other words, they can not accept the behavior of them. According to the UK survey data about male and female sexual orientation, women agree that they are bisexual rather than lesbian, and that men’s data on their sexual orientation as homosexuality is greater than that of bisexual men. some. This data suggests that bisexuality should receive more attention and understanding. They also have freedom of choice for their own sexual behavior. We should respect or accept them as we treat homosexuality and heterosexuality.

In a bisexual society, we expect another sexual behavior--threesomes, in which many men become sexually popular in order to obtain the same bed with bisexual women. But for heterosexuals they still can't understand this way of romance, they take bisexual women as lascivious. Many bisexual women have suffered a lot of psychological struggles in the process, and they are wondering whether they will continue to have threesome sexual behaviors with a person who does not understand their personality.

Therefore, if you want to be welcoming a bisexual woman, the first thing you need to learn is to accept and understand, and give them comfort emotionally. Imagine if you are willing to blindly have sex with someone who is not hit it on at all with your personality? Sexual behavior sometimes benefits from our affection for others' personalities, not just the desire for the body shape, mutual understanding before sexual activity, making this relationship ease and comfortable.

Tagging a label is a manifestation of bisexual identity. Young people are willing to try to get identity by tagging labels, such as the label of homosexuality or bisexuality, which makes us more willing to live together and establish connections. In the process, our group sports are also popular. Nowadays, such labels are already trendy, and most people do not discriminate against others because of the label, so labels are also the most direct way of identity for bisexual women and men.

If you want to date a bisexual woman, we must first understand and establish a relationship of trust. This is the bond of our common ground. In many cases, the connection of this relationship needs to be exchanged. Through the cooperation of communication, we are more likely to get the favor of bisexual women.

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