Opening Up My Bisexuality Was Bitter-Sweet

I am bisexual man. When I was young, I thought that my sex could be extended to many people, including men and women. When I was 24, I was proud of come-out. I thought I could embrace people in many genders. They will become my sexual dishes. But in fact, when I started trying to ask some women, they seemed to be a bit repulsive to the bi men. They said that they would not want to date with bisexual men. This would be the low tide in my life, because when I said I was bi at the time, many straight women gradually would lost patience towards me.

I started downloading apps from straight people dating site, swiping my favorite profiles on the app, and inviting them to chat with me. It seemed a bit old-school way. I thought I would say hello in this site and would flirt with them easily. They would be attracted to my bisexuality, but when I said that I am bi frankly, women reluctantly closed the door against me: "I will never date a bisexual man, it is like a nightmare." After several shots, I found that it was unrealistic anyway that dating women in this way, because they don't trust bisexuality, and they don’t want to take a risk, which is probably based on their lack of recognition for me, perhaps.

It was hard, I was dating a few women, I didn’t disclose my sexual orientation at first, they seemed to believe that I was heterosexual, but after we have known for a long time, I made thing straight up and said the fact that I was bisexual, they obviously also accepted this fact, but in terms of my sexual orientation, women still took me as heterosexual. I cared about other people's perspectives because it was kind of respect for the facts.

There is another situation. I was involved in a gay dating site. Even though I have filled the profiles that I was bisexual man, they seemed to ignore the fact, those gay guys were more likely to treat me as homosexual. Fortunately, their responses were more active than straight women. Their interest in me has not diminished, but their understanding of me was more and more detouring from bisexuality. Until one day I wanted to prove this, I took my girlfriend home, and my gay guy friend thought it was incredible and showed a frustrated mood. When I asked him why he would behavior like this, he replied: ” You have a heterosexual tendency." And he asked if I had lost interest in him, but I didn't. Of course, he could also bring another gay man back home, we maintained an open attitude on this issue. During the dating process, they tended to think I was a complete homosexual. Or they wanted me to be like that, but I have never admitted that this was why they were finally disappointed.

I started dating on bicupid, the largest bisexual dating platform, where I could meet many people with the same sexual orientation. Here, I reduced the so-called straight men's dating pressure, and my profile boldly filled out the situation that I am bi. I could get messages from men and women every day. They expressed their fascination with me and hoped to meet up in private.In this way I felt more easier, I have no burden of being questioned. People who like me would pay more attention to me, they knew me clearly and don't deny my sexual orientation. Their attitude was open, I enjoy this treatment, at least I don't have to clarify my other identity.

I think this kind of dating is very meaningful. I don't care that I like one kind of gender and go in another gender. Dating platform will automatically filter out the profiles of those who don't want to date bisexual men. The rest of the women and men are almost fanatical about bisexual dating, they are more active, and they feel relaxed when chatting in video room. If it is a woman, she accepts this open bisexual dating relationship, and obviously our relationship is perfect. She will try to accept another man or woman, who will often show the characteristics of bi, they will date with open minds.

Most of the people I meet on the bisexual dating site are gay or bi, they are the character of queer, so that there is no discrimination when dealing with queer dating. You can have more room to understand each other based on common ground.

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