My Friend Is Gay And He Rejects Bisexuals

I have a gay friend. In his mind, he often fantasizes about hanging out with other gay men. They can enjoy the best companion of the same sex. He thinks that not only he gets pleasure from the same sex, but also gets good marks form others. And even they maintain true love for long.

But when he was advised to accept another bisexual man, he declined without thinking twice. It can be seen from his eyes that he is extremely disgusted with bisexual behavior, and you could feel that he refuses to accept bisexuality with a contempt. Why he behaved so relentless, his reasons seemed ignorant and immature, he said: "Bisexuals are unstable creatures, and they can betray bottom line for intercourse."

Is that real? Is bisexuality as casual as he says? As a bisexual, I must stand up and give our voices back. Bisexuality, like other sexual orientations, is not a pathosis status-quo. But this is what it like gay’s feeling on someone they care about, it is normal libido needs for bi people. Bisexual sensations can relate to men and women, but they will not betray their partners casually. I will keep loyalty all the time before our relationship end up or with my partner’s consent. If we choose an open relationship, it is because we convey our believes and trusts to partners, there are more room we could use of. It is a test for everyone and every relationship. Set someone free, and he finally come back with you, that one is worth to cherish. So, why do we not believe in a concept of bisexual love?

Maybe the sexual orientation of bisexual people makes other sexual orientations misleadingly think that we are prone to be pansexual, but in my consciousness I always keep giving my partner a sufficient sense of security. Of course, this sense of security can also get it by myself, fortunately, we have lived together for three years, we know each other badly, we have given a lot of sexual trusts to each other, and we firmly believe that no third party can end up our love. This is one of the most flamboyant points of our love.

In fact, any theory or idea that bisexuality is unreliable is absurd. Other sexual orientations may not be stable as it proves by itself. This instability depends on personal trait, and the thing swinging personality influenced by sexual orientation doesn’t make any sense.

For example, a heterosexual is accustomed to having affair with others. He can lie then date other people but his partner is unaware of. In France, such secret dating is normal. At many sexual clubs, they will indulge themselves and choose chaos is the result of bust of their lust. An indulging heterosexual could have little control over himself at hormone party, so he take risk to take part in carnival, but forgive him for secret dating, because he still maintain love with his wife.

There are also cases of homosexuality. They can search for suitable partners on social websites. Their partners may be just temporary because if they are not satisfied with the candidate during the sexual experience, they will continue to find a better one. Or in gay bars, this kind of primitive sexual intercourse is especially prevailing. Homosexuals are motivationally looking for multiple partners, and betrayal set them free from previous stories because their relationship is lack of marriage restrictions, they can get more freedom in sexual intercourse, and even frequently change their partners. Maybe it has something to do with their indulgent personality. We can also see many gays sharing love stories with each other, that means their love is still shining.

Why is bisexuality turned down by heterosexuality and homosexuality? We bisexuals have no reason to stand out to defend ourselves, due to misunderstanding, people often treat bisexual people as unemotional animals, people think they can prey on any lamb, and that they can have group intercourse late at night and have sex parties. They are willing to believe that bisexuals treat their partner as a doll. This terrible idea is really disaster, because it misleads people into demonizing bisexuals.

What I want to say is that bisexuals have had a crush on someone. They have feelings and will pin their feelings on someone. This is trust and love. It is difficult to raise a bisexual love. Other sexual orientations are likewise, we all need to keep passion with our current partners, because we all think that they are the most suitable candidates to be persistent. Our dates can go on, and even in open relationships, we try to accept differences in sexual orientation. Because as long as there is love, everything becomes worthless to take into consideration.

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