Is the bisexual or heterosexual relationship more stable?

We all know that bisexuality is tough to go through from cognition to transformation. Like straight men, they need companionship, love, and companionship as well. Looking for a partner is our nature, our mutual exchange of ideas, allows us to live actively and healthily.

For many people who don't understand bisexuality, they think that bisexuals are more inclined to treat a relationship casually, because the genders they like are dual and they can switch roles at any time. However, is this description true? In fact, this involves the issue of legislation and traditional prejudice on LGBTQ. The legal constraints are actually a devastating effect on bisexual people, and they psychologically defeat their mentality of love for homosexuality. Under this coercive measure, bisexuals have to give up their freedom of love, choose to return to the traditional love mode, and return to the monogamous love world. Traditional moral constraints also make bisexual people more and more convergent. They don't want to be blamed by more people. In this traditional concept of love, resistance is ineffective because the voice of bisexuality is not well heard and expressed, so that we are under a lot of pressure.

Fortunately, the condition of our bisexual group is better off in the United States than ever before. Nation’s tolerance system allows us to develop with our bi personality, our love is open up, even for bisexuality. A certain privilege, that is, a bisexual marriage can be a marriage of threesome people. The society’s awareness of bisexuality has been unprecedentedly improved, which is conducive to eliminating discrimination. Since 2015, the court has passed a legal resolution on gay marriage, freeing our freedom and allowing us to enjoy more freedom of love. This is the bright side of humanity and the positive side. We seem to see the victory of LGBTQ. With the protection of the law, we should further examine the stability of bisexual marriage.

How do we regard the stability of bisexual life nowadays?

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) took a study of behavior in relationship: The studying targets are among more than 14,000 people, including same-sex couples, three-way partnerships, and heterosexual couples. In long-run follow-up research, researchers conceptualized the stability of emotions. This conceptualization is proportional with time, because each group is a reference to each other. This conceptualizing stabilization widen the gap over time. The main question is: How stable is the relationship between heterosexuality and homosexuality and bisexuality? Moreover, will the differences in stability be affected by cohabitation and independent living?

previous researching data indicated same-sex and heterosexual issues

In the early research data, we found that the proportion of cohabitation in same-sex couples is the highest in same-sex or heterosexual life or in married couple life. These differences in stability are derived from the differences in cohabitation relationships, alternatives, or barriers (Lau, 2012). One such barrier comes from “ the minority pressures ”, because such LGBT usually has a slight tendency to violence, dissatisfaction with the group, harassment and lack of recognition of their social identity, these factors often create pressures which make the the stability of the bisexual relationship to be more unstable.

What is the most stable bisexual relationship?

People's cognition is developing in inclusiveness way, and the stability gap between LGBTQ relationship and heterosexual relationship is narrowing.

The gap between the stability of same-sex and different-sex relationships is narrowing. However, for a long time, this difference will not be evened for some reasons, because due to the differences in legislation policies and traditional culture, we will live in such a stressful environment for a long time, the stability of bisexual or homosexual relationship. The differences will exist in the future, for example, from the analyzing data report: the stability of same-sex relationships is lower than that of heterosexual marriages. On top of this, the stability of male homosexual relationships is often lower than that of same-sex female partners or heterosexual couples, who for some reason will end the relationship within a period of time. These reasons are relative to the minority pressures: because in gay love, men are more exposed to the minority pressures, which tends to make the same-sex relationship unstable. These men are different from lesbian or bisexual women. They have their own love protection mechanism: women usually pay attention to the cultivation of their feelings. They emphasize the intimacy in relationship. Women will try to narrow the gap between each other, and be more considerate and focused on chatting, it is a good way to settle the issues.

Is it helpful to live together?

When bisexual partners live together, their chances of breaking up will change. Compared with heterosexual partners, the probability of same-sex couples breaking up after cohabitation is still higher. However, male same-sex couples and heterosexual couples will reduce the risk of breaking up after cohabitation, but on the issue of living together, male homosexual partners are more cautious than heterosexual and female same-sex couples. They are more likely to find those who have interests in common. Or people who can adapt to the life of both sides, they think that this can ensure the stability of their gay or bisexual relationship. However, we still don’t know for sure why homosexual women or bisexual women do not have a lower probability of ending a relationship when they choose to live together with the same sex.

Is legalization of same-sex marriage helpful?

In fact, the legislative provisions can help people with traditional ideas to improve their views on same-sex marriage. To put it another way, legislation makes bisexual marriage feel more secure, because legal marriage makes our relationship more authoritative. This kind of authority brings us trust in same-sex love and makes our same-sex or bisexual relationship more stable. The legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States has made the relationship of same-sex couples more stable than in the past. Although a few gay or bisexual men are suffering from the minority pressures, Joyner and colleagues (2017) found that gay or bisexual marriages after marriage were as stable as stability in heterosexuals.

Other factors of interest

In terms of ethnic interactions, the stability of same-sex African-American partners is lower than that of Caucasians. For heterosexuals, age differences are also important factors affecting the stability of marriage. The greater the age difference, the easier it is to end the relationship. Groups with higher socioeconomic status will have a higher proportion of ending relationships than low- and middle-income groups. Those who have had more sexual partners before, will have lower stability in their love.

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