Is Bisexuality And Pansexual The Same ?

When there is a bisexual people say: 'I am so annoying, my bisexual identity is often misunderstood as homosexuality, or heterosexual. I would rather a pansexual, so others will have less misunderstandings about me. After all, I have no sex discrimination when I am in love', Then you will be confused, you are bisexual, but you can't tell the difference between the two, but you know what kind of relationship you want.

It doesn't matter, this kind of confusion is universal. In fact, in the long-term bisexual topic, people rarely clarify the difference between bisexuality and pansexual, including the people of these two groups. Appropriate doubts make us have a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We all criticize this problem in self-cognition. You are a bisexual person. Sometimes when you are in a three-way relationship, after having sex, your straight man couple may think. "You’ve done a great job, you can switch freely, don't you have gender recognition, right ?" Then you will be a little disappointed, don't know how to answer this question, and then he has not got the exact answer. Such problems are both confusing for both insiders and outsiders. Therefore, it is very necessary to answer this question sincerely.

First, we must clarify the definition of bisexuality and pansexual, which is the first step in our understanding of ourselves.

Bisexual it means have sexual interest on both men and women or more, unlike homosexual, and have intense to having sexual impulse.

Many people think bisexuals who like “men and women only” because they ignore the existence of non-binary people, or they simply don’t think bisexual people like a non-binary people, because in terms of non-binary people, bisexual groups are not attracted to their characteristics, so they can't establish a relationship. Even in dealing with transgender people, many may think bisexuality does not have much feeling on trans.

Although the word “bi” just mean “two”, in fact, bisexuality not only likes men and women, but if so, it can also interpret people of many genders. Bisexuality is attracted by multiple genders. May like another gender other than men and women (some might think that this definition would clearly distinguish between trans and non-binary people from other genders).

But pansexual people always tend to be attracted to all genders(no matter it’s straight man or women, bisexual men or women or non-binary and transgender), this mean they could easily get hooked to other people than bisexuals.

Everyone needs to know that pansexual is actually a natural gender, and transgender is the gender that have been changed in some circumstances as their wills. In a sense, it does not represent kind of gender. They just make things in life to adapt to what they have experienced. The definition of gender. So pansexual and trans still have essential differences.

In fact, pansexual may not divide gender boundaries in dating psychologically. They are attracted by people of all genders, but they can use their own choices to choose a gender to date, but they can also be arbitrarily based on their preferences to dating people who like all kinds of gender.

So, what's the different between bisexual and pansexual ?

They may have some differences, but when you are on a date, as long as you are in their preference gender, it wouldn’t bother at all. I hope that when we are on a date, we only pay attention to our own feelings, rather than their sexual orientation, we can ignore it.

If you are aware of your bisexuality only on the surface, you may be attracted to people of the same sex or other genders, but it does not mean that you are attracted by all genders. As a bisexual woman, you may find out you have a strong feeling between men and non-binary, women and non-binary or among men and women. But remember, you are not attracted to all genders, but I think bi personality is very nice, remember your preferences, so that you can have fun.

Moreover, bisexual culture has a long history. They have many types of communities and organizations. Joining them allows you to truly get identity. Communicate with people in the community, you are not confused about your sexual orientation any more. Also, other people will have a deeper understanding of you because of bisexual groups.

When you don't know if you are bisexual or pansexual, is it not good to swap these two words?

No at all, you can use both of them to apply to your identity at the same time. These two words are neutral and have no discrimination when you say that. Of course, if you prefer pansexual, you can just take it, but it will never change your sexual orientation. Not all bisexuals know non-binary, nor all pansexuals are gender-blind, so there is not much misunderstanding in life. It doesn't matter if you use these two words. If you think one of them is bad and the other seems to be superior, you have already hurt another group, we have to avoid doing that.

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