How We Get Rid Of The Distress Of Bisexual Label?

Due to the source of the entire society, people think that bisexuality is an abnormal sexual orientation. They could be attracted by two types of gender somehow. At the same time, they could not get easy to share the joy of bisexuality with their companions, but sometimes, they are in an annoyed state with some people. Many bisexual people say that the label of bisexuality makes them distressed and even unable to live a normal life. How it can be like this? Let's listen to what they say.

Sophia: "Oh, the pressure of life on the bisexual label is from my peers who are normal sexual orientation. They are my friends and colleagues, they would simply think that I am very swaying, and I was always laughed at by them when we gather together, and even some guys ask me:”Would you like to go to bed with me?” but I don’t feel anything about him, and the more he has prejudice with bisexual women, the more I feel disgusted. I thought that it was offensive.” Yes, everyone has their own feelings, bisexuality is not pansexual, not all bisexuals are interested in no matter whom. This is a misunderstanding. I hope everyone could have a better understanding on LGBTQ+.

Mia: "I think my problem is, oh no, I mean their problem is over-curious about my sexual orientation, especially when I have made my identity public on social platforms, and they will ask me all kinds of things about bisexuality. The questions, for example, 'You are a bi woman, do you think you prefer male or female?.' 'Will you prefer marry a woman or marry a man in the future, if you are married to the opposite sex, will you ask for agreement from your husband that whether you could go to date other women. Some may ask:'Is it threesome sex cool, do you want to support couple and bisexual life? ' I think these are booshit, I have no obligation to answer your questions, I am real me, don't highlight my label too much, I have my own life like everyone, I don't want to hear these troubles, and I don't want to answer these stupid questions." Of course, if you want to learn more about bisexuality, why not go to bisexual dating platform and look for the answer above, maybe you could have a dating with a bisexual partner given that you are so curious about bi.

Lauren: "I have had several romances with straight men and lesbians, and in my dating stories. I feel very happy when I get along with them. I also cherish my love. But one day I met a guy after breaking up with my ex girlfriend, and then we started fell in love with each other. Although my ex lesbian girlfriend and I were still having a nice friendship after we ended up our dating, we kept in touch and occasionally had sex. To be honest, I still enjoy the pleasure of this kinds of hookup. Because we got rid of a lot of pressure, we don't need to be responsible for each other. However, one day Lily found that I had a boyfriend and was very confused. How do I liked a man since I liked to have sex with her before, even though I have told her I was bi? She thought I deceived her, but I didn't. This experience made me wonder how to deal with it."

In fact, the life of each bisexual individual belongs to themself. Don't care too much what others say, just be yourself. If they have something that they don't understand or are confused about bisexuality, let them go to the bisexual community to learn more about bisexual lives. We don't have to explain to others why we are swinging. There is no need to make bisexual labels a burden for our lives. Let's put down this label and let us get more free love. This is the most important because there is nothing better than us. Your own happiness is worth looking forward to. We have to wait until the right time to get the right person.

If a couple wants to date you, they understand and accept you. On the contrary, if a man who is looking for a hookup and makes love with you without understanding bisexuality, we should not be too distressed because such thing happens from time to time. If he is willing to go on a date with you, the first lesson he should learn is respect, respect your idea and lifestyle.

Take off the label and let yourself feel relaxed. Some embarrassing things in life are not caused by you, but others lack understanding of bisexuality. So, remember, this is not your fault, you are not necessary to find the answer and let those who are curious to deal with such booshit.

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