As Bisexuals, How Do We Manage Ourselves

Everyone knows that bisexuality is a relatively small group. For some countries and regions that are not open, bisexuals and lesbians will be excluded. Bisexual groups in these countries have some difficulties in dating because others will show the eyes of discrimination on them. Therefore, as bisexuals, we have to become active and strong, so that people around us can feel our energy. For us in developed countries, bisexual dating has certain advantages, because this is often not big deal, people's openness and tolerance make the rainbow-like sunlight shine so brightening, we can bathe in the sun and grow freely and be in a relationship as heterosexuality does. In today's highly developed economy, people are pursuing freedom and understanding others' freedom.

The society gives us open ambience. So, starting from ourselves, how should we manage ourselves? Including daily life and social.

In daily life, hard-working is our primary task, because work is our material source, we must learn to be independent, because independence can give us more freedom and choice. We don't have to care too much about other people’s views since we are bisexuals. We have our own bread and never beg from anyone, so there is nothing to be inferior.

To be kind to the people around us, we often need the help of family and friends. Heart-to-heart talks are essential. Giving them warm companionship makes our lives warmer, and we will be more considerate and caring about others if we do so. Friends are always an important source of our identity and comfort.

Active fitness, good shape makes us look attractive, if you want to have a perfect love, you must love yourself first, a perfect body has a magical attraction for people who like you, so make yourself hotter, you will meet up someone who makes your heart beat soon; reading, knowledge can enrich our connotation, we can understand many things by improving reading, and reading makes us understand ourselves better, and makes us more open to accept bisexual relationship. Fitness and reading can make us excellent, not to be mediocre. As a bisexual, this is the best way to love yourself.

For love, love is our necessity. Many important meanings in life come from a sincere love. When you begin to start a relationship, we should be careful. Maybe you often hook up with strangers, but please remember to maintain a heart-beaten feeling, it may be a matter between two individuals, maybe it is a matter of three individuals. Anyway, bisexual love is full Romantic colors. You may have a common hobby, so please remember to bring he/her to the bisexual bar to enjoy your carnival day.

As a bisexual, managing your life is a fierce battle, but it will make you stronger and more attractive.

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